Blue Cambrian Clay

Used in natural health & beauty, as well as spas, resorts, naturopathy clinics.
Kembria mineral mud is extracted from an ancient Carpathian salt lake. In Ukraine and Europe it is successfully used to treat various skin conditions (psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis) , arthritis, muscular, respiratory, digestive, urinary, gynaecological problems, and in the beauty industry.

It can be safely used both by professionals and at home.
Product benefits:
– Increases blood circulation and lymph drainage
– Contains a high level of vitamins, minerals, hormones, anti-antibiotics, analgesics, organic acids and biostimulators.
– Provides supply of essential minerals, vitamins and anti-oxidants through the skin due to its well-known ability to absorb substances.
– Anti-inflammatory action-it is used to treat eczema, psoriasis, arthritis, muscular problems, acne, other inflammatory conditions.
– Detoxifying effect: Draws impurities out of the body.
– Boosts the immune system.
– Speeds up body metabolism.
– Increased removal of toxic waste and reduction in the cellulite appearance.
– Removes excessive water from the body reducing puffiness.
– Promotes weight loss due to the effects listed above.
– Increases energy.
– Reduces fatigue.
– Relaxes the body and mind.
– Increases the sense of well-being.
– Improves the skin appearance and texture, bringing in colour, smoothness, reducing wrinkles and increasing moisture.
– Promotes removal of oils and impurities from the skin, clearing out pores.
Baths, compresses, poultces, body wraps, face masks, in spas and at home.

We are currently creating a worldwide distribution network and are looking for enterprising people to distribute this exciting new product with so much potential.